Polished Porcelain Jug
Polished Porcelain Jug

Polished Porcelain Jug

Alma Boyes
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by Alma Boyes 

Polished porcelain jug handmade in Alma's distinctive swirl design.

It is suitable for the dishwasher but it is not recommended.

The jug is 8.5cm x 8.5 cm with 250 ml volume, but sizes are approximate and can vary by 5%.

With an established background in ceramic practice spanning over 40 years, Alma's current work explores the historic technique of agateware which was prominent in the UK in 17th & 18th century industrial ceramics, notably Josiah Wedgewood. The term ‘Agateware’ refers to ceramic pieces made from coloured or mixed clays and mimics the multicoloured appearance of agate stone. She is drawn to this technique because of the unique combinations of colourful swirls and patterns which are created using the throwing process on the pottery wheel. 
After teaching the 3D course at Brighton University for 36 years, Alma is now devoting her time to making ceramics.