Pond Ripple Ball Chain Bracelet
Pond Ripple Ball Chain Bracelet

Pond Ripple Ball Chain Bracelet

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by Yuki Assiter

Pond Ripple inspired sterling silver small disc charm and ball chain bracelet.

Drawing inspiration from pond and ripples, this organic textured small disk and ball chain sterling silver bracelet looks unique and modern.

Sterling Silver.

Pond disk: approx.13mm diameter x 3mm hight
Adjustable length: 150- 180mm

Yuki is from Kamakura, Japan and has lived and worked in London since 2004. She has worked as a large scale metals welder, packaging  designer and editorial designer in Tokyo during her twenties.

Yuki’s collections are inspired by her positive events in her life and the environment in her surroundings and the differences of Jewellery history in England and Japan. She explores textures, shapes and patterns derived from traditional embroidery, textiles to cities and nature.