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The Cliffs of Beachy Head, Sussex

The Cliffs of Beachy Head, Sussex

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by Paul-Emmet Costelloe.

Oil on canvas.

Dimensions: 63 x 45 cm. Framed.

Paul-Emmet Costelloe is an Irish born painter. He works from an art studio in Wimbledon, where he produces his vibrant oil paintings. His early works are a labour of love for the coastal landscapes of his birthplace, and a current passion for the coast of Great Britain. These landscapes are rich in colour and form. Using a palette knife, he portrays the coastal cliffs and sandbars, and highlights the land mass so effectively, the oils sing from the canvas. His use of colour is joyful and unrestrained, and in its pure naivety, very compelling. The European trend for houses of various hues has inspired Paul-Emmet to create sun-drenched, blue skied fantasies, which lift the spirits and imbue a sense of timelessness into any display. Using lead pencil, Paul-Emmet sketches his image onto canvas, and moves the paint in a wave-like motion which adds depth and texture to the finished piece. His most recent paintings have shown a lighter, softer hand, using a chalk-like effect which brings a well-balanced and thoughtful response.