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by Ysidro Pergamino.

Linocut print. Artist’s proof.

Dimensions: W31 x H46 cm approximately.

Ysidro Pergamino is a self-taught printmaker whose striking linocuts explore anarchist themes alongside fantastical and decorative elements in bold, monochromatic compositions. Each of them is handprinted on Ysidro’s apartment kitchen table. “Working in a medium that is reduced to just two colours, black-and-white, makes it critical to have a clear idea of what I wants to say and cut out the rest of the bullshit.” In his day job, Ysidro spends longs hours behind the wheel of a Class A truck, but makes sure to spend at least one hour every day drawing. “That’s a must; it’s non-negotiable.”

This work was shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of the Ysidro Pergamino and Amanda Sumpter exhibition.