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Collection: Elmina Fors

Elmina Fors Knitwear (EFK) was founded in 2014 in Brighton when Elmina graduated from University of Brighton with a Bachelor degree in Textile Design for Fashion specialising in Knitted Textiles.
Elmina's patterns and timeless models are a way of celebrating the richness of Scandinavian folk patterns and their meaning. She grew up in Kiruna, the Northernmost town of Sweden way north of the Polar Circle, and perhaps this is why knitwear speaks to her so much, for her the usefulness is as important as colour, texture, pattern.
Elmina Fors Knitwear is now based on the small island Fjäderholmarna just outside Stockholm City where Elmina has a knitwear workshop and shop exhibiting knitwear and other craft and design from talented makers.
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